Crowd-Powered Video

Available Now for iOS!!!

Coming Soon for Android!!



CrowdFlik is the location based video share app that empowers you to easily create the FLIKs you want by using the best of the crowd’s shared video. Anyone can use CrowdFlik to capture and share video on their smart phone.  Just open CrowdFlik and start filming. CrowdFlik’s proprietary technology combines and synchronizes all video captured by you, your friends and anyone else in crowd filming with CrowdFlik.
CrowdFlik organizes the captured video based on location and time giving you the unprecedented ability to easily create, share, save and post custom edits of any event.

CrowdFlik is available for iOS on the App Store and coming soon for Android.


Download the FREE app and start filming! Tap “Record” to get to your video screen, then tap the red button when you’re ready to begin capturing the best moments. When you’ve finished, tap “Done” and your video will be saved to your phone and synched to the event.
CrowdFlik makes it easy!

CrowdFlik uses your phone’s GPS system to find events like shows, concerts and sporting events happening near you. Just tap the event you’re at to join the crowd. Or, create your own event and invite your friends to join. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, parties or any time you’re hanging out with friends and family.


Here’s where you get to be the director! Tap “CREATE FLIK” to see the event timeline and video captured by you, friends and other CrowdFlik users. Scroll through the video streams to find and preview your favorite footage. Tap the clips you like the best to create a unique video compilation captured from multiple perspectives.  CrowdFlik gives you the ability to share and post your videos to your Facebook page, twitter, and other social media sites.